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RV Park Rates & Facilities









15 Amp Water/Power/Sewer 




30 Amp Water/Power/Sewer








Seasonal sites are subject to availability.










15 Amp/30 Amp Water/Power/Sewer/1 unlimited golf pass

$3175.00 to $3975.00



Proof of Insurance required. Power is subject to a surcharge based on any extra appliances used. Above prices do not include GST


Firewood $15.00/Wheelbarrow Load Delivered (Please call Proshop before 9 PM for delivery)

Guests and Visitors are reminded that the cutting of any tree dead or alive will result in eviction at your expense


Other Fees


Sewer Dump (non guest)


Day Visitor


Overnight Visitor


Access Card/Gate Key

$20.00 Cash Deposit/each


RESERVATIONS RECOMMENDED Rates are subject to change without notice. Rev. Feb. 20 2013

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